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Our goal is to provide relevant financial information and appropriate tools for you to create secure retirement income that will allow you to live your days with the confidence and independence you deserve.

Free Retirement Planning Kit

This helpful retirement kit includes three guides that address topics you should consider when planning your retirement.

Bill Smith

We provide a written plan for your retirement so you can worry more about your life and less about your money.

W.A. Smith Financial Group

Our team of experts strives to ensure you lead the retirement you’ve earned. To succeed in retirement, it is important to fully understand your current situation and work with a financial planning firm that will make sure your assets are properly invested and managed.
Knock Out Your Retirement Income Worries

Knock Out Your Retirement
Income Worries

The Ultimate Training Guide Book for
Developing Financial Security by Bill Smith

Traditional retirement income plans that rely on Social Security, a pension and your personal savings have been destroyed by our greedy politicians and Wall Street. What are you to do in the new age of retirement? Can you rely on traditional retirement planning methods, or is it time to develop an alternative plan for the new economy? On the pages within are the answers you are searching for.